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2292021 WE ALIVECosmograph581216127
2282021 찬가
(Remaster)Andy Lee
37111490 ~ 122
2272021 The Last PageARForest5101419195
2262021 Stay
(Remaster)Jeon Jun-Kyu
2252021 SINGULAR POINTATAS7121518185
2242021 pickingLuze6141820170
2232021 MilKMorimori Atsushi6101417150
2222021 MEGATRONSHIKI8131518190
2212021 Lovely Day
(Remaster)Andy Lee
2202021 Look Out (Remaster)Ruby Tuesday171012125
2192021 GOODTEKEBIMAYO6111520190
2182021 Freedom
(Remaster)Ruby Tuesday
2172021 FiniteCrolul, Rion581216178
2162021 Envy Mask
(Remaster)Creatune, Mario Bolden
2152021 Enter the BeginningEdvard.S691317150
2142021 DaydreamRiraN591518150
2132021 DataErr0rLunatic Sounds6101417180
2122021 cometwigen391318190
2112021 Back For More
(Remaster)Ruby Tuesday
2102021 Aqua Flowwigen591115160
2092021 Altered EgoP4koo7121519191
2082013 새와 새의 이야기seibin491316171
2072013 The ASHTRAYr300k7111619144
2062013 Special K
2052013 Snow DreamTAK14811132
2042013 Sigmafromsmk281317160
2032013 Nihilismnato6101418180
2022013 Monochromeseibin & TAK491316111
2012013 LUCIDyak_won71417-175
2002013 KAMUITJ.Hangneil9141820210
1992013 INFINITYLunatic Sounds591419175
1982013 Frozen Eyesfromsmk691215180
1972013 Digital Labyrinthnato691315150
1962013 Common StoryHappy Jackson71012-128
1952013 Aurayak_won51114-150
1942008 비온뒤 맑음ALTiTUNE91215-135
1932008 You Keep Me WaitingALTiTUNE81213-106
1922008 The World is One's Oysterr300k81113-128
1912008 The First Movement of MoonlightMnfc5815-150
1902008 The Boy
(Indigo Blue Mix)ALTiTUNE
1892008 T-eMotionSHK61013-140
1882008 Sweet LandALTiTUNE61113-165
1872008 Sudden DeathDJ.Hamcheese16171920128
1862008 Second ChoiceM2U5121517150
1852008 Round 3
(The First Noel X-MAX Edit)r300k
1842008 First ChoiceM2U91214-150
1832008 Black KeyFrederic Francois Chopin8111617120
1822008 Black Industry
(And More Rock Version)And More
1812008 Black Industryr300k, ALTiTUNE61115-178
1807TH TRAX 천지개벽M2U101315-150
1797TH TRAX 빛바랜 영혼Praya481114135
1787TH TRAX White RoseM2U6111416128
1777TH TRAX Unrequited Love 2CCNN271216141
1767TH TRAX Toy WarM2U91416-160
1757TH TRAX To My LoveTranceMAX7913-140
1747TH TRAX The Worldr300k491214110
1737TH TRAX The Prince of DarknessRedeye491418160
1727TH TRAX The Back of BeyondM2U2611-120
1717TH TRAX Sweet HeartM2U81014-135
1707TH TRAX SunlightDesired Effect, r300k71015-140
1697TH TRAX Space DestinyM2U591215170
1687TH TRAX Soul EaterSpringhead8121417140
1677TH TRAX Soul DestructorTransin7111418140
1667TH TRAX Silver OceanCurium81115-148
1657TH TRAX Shot TimeM2U101113-128
1647TH TRAX Round 3Desired Effect, r300k7111418155
1637TH TRAX RevelationSpringHead5121720185
1627TH TRAX ReturnSpringhead591316140
1617TH TRAX R.E.D.KIEN381215140
1607TH TRAX ParadiseM2U81114-128
1597TH TRAX One's TrashKIEN91214-105
1587TH TRAX Mage Girl StoryPraya6914-180
1577TH TRAX Let Me Hear Your VoiceTransin371215140
1567TH TRAX Legend of MoonlightMemme81316-160
1557TH TRAX Legacy of HatredCCNN81416-190
1547TH TRAX KAFATSpringHead7912-123
1537TH TRAX Hyper MagicMemme591419170
1527TH TRAX HolicSHK81113-150
1517TH TRAX Gray StreetM2U6913-135
1507TH TRAX Gray HunterChaos71216-125
1497TH TRAX G.O.ACurium8101315144
1487TH TRAX ForgetPraya4101315125
1477TH TRAX Fell Hound 3SpringHead591416140
1467TH TRAX Fallen AngelSpringHead71012-100
1457TH TRAX Explode EngineTransin371115130
1447TH TRAX Energy Flowerr300k6101316133
1437TH TRAX End of SummerMhz61113-120
1427TH TRAX Dreamy FlightTransin6101316140
1417TH TRAX Black FlameTransin491215125
1407TH TRAX Black BirdInfinity Poly681215115
1397TH TRAX An Old StoryMemme17101387
1386TH TRAX 찬가 2Han Tae Soo2510-128
1376TH TRAX 느낌
(Sonic A.P.E Ver.)Sonic A.P.E
1366TH TRAX Your StyleDakick5710-100
1356TH TRAX You Were The OneKim Min5810-110
1346TH TRAX With U Girl
(Beach Ver.)Itdie
1336TH TRAX Up and DownSoulzean6710-96
1326TH TRAX The Boy
(EK2-Beat Ver.)Itdie
1316TH TRAX Stay With MeHan Tae Soo571013115.11
1306TH TRAX RefreshKim Min3912-125
1296TH TRAX One Two Three FourSonic A.P.E5712-100
1286TH TRAX Move Your BodySean Kim81113-126
1276TH TRAX Lie Lie
(Ceave Beat Ver.)Itdie
1266TH TRAX Jam (A.C Ver.)Itdie4710-140
1256TH TRAX I've Got This Feeling
(Extended Ver.)Itdie
1246TH TRAX FranticSonic A.P.E61114-145
1236TH TRAX Dance With MeKim Min5811-125
1226TH TRAX Dance MachineSonic A.P.E71113-150
1216TH TRAX Curse It!!Han Tae Soo51012-113.1
1206TH TRAX Be-at FeedbackB-E5915-140
1196TH TRAX Be My Baby
(Funky Ver.)Itdie
1186TH TRAX Be MineTY : F691113128
1176TH TRAX Bacardi on the BeachSonic A.P.E5710-123
1166TH TRAX Baby Dance
(Club Ver.)Itdie
115PLATINUM 느낌Kang Eun Soo, Eridanus261013125
114PLATINUM ZeroizeForte Escape6111519165
113PLATINUM Weird WaveJoyrock81416-147
112PLATINUM Unknown H2DJ Bigduck5913-85
111PLATINUM SpotlightForte Escape361013100
110PLATINUM Riff GuyEridanus51014-153
109PLATINUM Q FactorForte Escape91315-130
108PLATINUM Panic StrikeForte Escape7111517160
107PLATINUM Night MadnessJoyrock71215-160
106PLATINUM MemoriesForte Escape61215-127
105PLATINUM J.M.J (DFC Space Gear Re-Formation)Forte Escape281014130
104PLATINUM I've Got This Feeling
(DJ FE Restless Acid Soul Mix)Forte Escape
103PLATINUM I've Fallen
(Hot Dog Boogie Groove Mix)Forte Escape
102PLATINUM CellavueEridanus61013-108
101PLATINUM Aquaris
(Physical Inspiration Hyper Blue Mix)Forte Escape
100PLATINUM Any Way You Want ItEridanus4912-105
994TH TRAX Tokyo 9 P.M.Andy Lee6812-100
984TH TRAX ShoutCroove6911-95
974TH TRAX Ready to Yahxxdbxx4712-120
964TH TRAX Metagalacticxxdbxx61316-152
954TH TRAX Mad RobotCroove61114-115
944TH TRAX JudgmentAndy Lee5912-117
934TH TRAX J.M.JCroove81013-135
924TH TRAX Go!Andy Lee7912-140
914TH TRAX FuturistAndy Lee471115123
904TH TRAX Fire StormCroove8131620167
894TH TRAX Feel So Sadxxdbxx8111416142
884TH TRAX Eye of Beholderxxdbxx91115-121
874TH TRAX DelightAndy Lee71014-130
864TH TRAX ComplexCroove71416-123
854TH TRAX ClimaxAndy Lee6121517140
844TH TRAX Calling Me Nowxxdbxx5911-80
834TH TRAX Bluexxdbxx81214-153
824TH TRAX B.O.WCroove101315-125 ~ 150
814TH TRAX AquarisCroove6101316140
803RD TRAX Y-GateLee Jong-Pil581316144
793RD TRAX The 3rd Placexxdbxx691214130
783RD TRAX Substancexxdbxx101113-142
773RD TRAX Sparrowxxdbxx, Croove691316132
763RD TRAX SmashAndy Lee71113-100
753RD TRAX ShakeAndy Lee41014-120
743RD TRAX Sand StormCroove7101417164
733RD TRAX R.F.C.Andy Lee6101316140
723RD TRAX Night Watcherxxdbxx81014-165
713RD TRAX Minus 2Croove6101418157
703RD TRAX M-PoliceAndy Lee481114135
693RD TRAX Lie LieAndy Lee4913-125
683RD TRAX In a NutshellRuby Tuesday269-137
673RD TRAX Give it 2 MeFE61012-133
663RD TRAX Cosmic BirdFE, Croove610141737.5 ~ 150
653RD TRAX Black MarketCroove81214-116
643RD TRAX AnemiaAndy Lee6810-100
633RD TRAX 2nd JewelAndy Lee71113-120
623RD TRAX 20000000000Croove10131518174
613RD TRAX 2.14FE4710-113
602ND TRAX You Are The One For MeJeon Jun-Kyu, Mario Bolden7911-116
592ND TRAX With U GirlYang Jun-Hyek479-142.9
582ND TRAX Where's My GirlRuby Tuesday469-180
572ND TRAX We Luv MusicJeon Jun-Kyu81114-139
562ND TRAX The BoyRuby Tuesday379-115.01
552ND TRAX ShowdownAndy Lee61214-130
542ND TRAX Sentimental No! No!Ruby Tuesday359-108
532ND TRAX Seize The DayRuby Tuesday6912-120
522ND TRAX Say That URuby Tuesday3810-146
512ND TRAX Red Oceanxxdbxx81012-106
502ND TRAX Moving OnRuby Tuesday6910-90.05
492ND TRAX Minus 1
(Space Mix)Croove
482ND TRAX JamRuby Tuesday467-124
472ND TRAX It's My SecretMario Bolden5911-121.1
462ND TRAX I've Got This FeelingRuby Tuesday248-88
452ND TRAX HypnotizeRuby Tuesday91113-138
442ND TRAX XGet It UpLee Jong-Pil, Mario Bolden5710-135
432ND TRAX Funky 5Kim Seung Hyun258-116
422ND TRAX ExistKim Seung Hyun3611-114
412ND TRAX DepartureJenny6911-133.4
402ND TRAX DamnationRuby Tuesday81012-152
392ND TRAX Be My BabyRuby Tuesday469-115
382ND TRAX Back to BedRuby Tuesday71013-118
372ND TRAX AppealAndy Lee, Jennifer361012110
362ND TRAX AnytimeRuby Tuesday71215-162
35S/E Ztar warZ (Remix)xxdbxx381113180
34S/E You Love The Life You Live
33S/E The FutureRemix Station581316146
32S/E Stay
(Radio Edit)Itdie
31S/E Special KAndy Lee389-95
30S/E Red HotDR.YONDA7810-100
29S/E R.D.MAndy Lee259-110
28S/E Quake In Kyoto (Mega Mix)xxdbxx6811-148
27S/E Mystic Dream 9903
(Horror Mix)Danmal-G
810131537.5 ~ 170
26S/E Let It Go (Remix)Ruby Tuesday369-109
25S/E Envy Mask
24S/E Do You Remember?
(Remix)Remix Station
23S/E DieoxinDJ.Yonda4613-165
22S/E Confete
(Evening Mix)Itdie
21S/E CombinationKim Jin Kwon136-115
20S/E Catch The Flow
191ST TRACKS Ztar warZDJ.Melong371012180
181ST TRACKS You Love The Life You LiveRuby Tuesday145-90
171ST TRACKS Yes YesCreatune8911-98
161ST TRACKS The RhythmNextune59111467.5 ~ 135
151ST TRACKS Southwest CadillacJeon Jun-Kyu369-95
141ST TRACKS Quake In KyotoRuby Tuesday5813-148
131ST TRACKS Mystic Dream 9903Danmal-G271113150
121ST TRACKS Minus 1
(HD Mix)DJ Danmal-G
371215100 ~ 130
111ST TRACKS Minus 1DJ Danmal-G26911100 ~ 130
101ST TRACKS Let It GoRuby Tuesday3912-109
91ST TRACKS I've FallenRuby Tuesday6911-122
81ST TRACKS I Do Love YouJeon Jun-Kyu, Creatune469-100
71ST TRACKS Get the beatDJ.Hong137-95
61ST TRACKS Funny FunkyCreatune357-92
51ST TRACKS Do You Remember?Ruby Tuesday3611-139
41ST TRACKS Dirty DRuby Tuesday4710-100